barn-exterior-sidingThe restoration of a timber frame structure in many ways resembles a mystery novel. The owner and tradesperson are presented with a building that may have an extensive history going back hundreds of years with little knowledge of what has happened to bring it to it’s current condition, and, perhaps even, location.

“It’s rare to see structures that resemble their original construction,” says Mark Casad, owner of Heritage Timber Frames.

There may be few human witnesses who can speak to the building’s past. But structures can reveal their history in many ways. A careful examination of a building’s surroundings, it’s foundation, type of joinery and fasteners all provide clues to its story, its journey through time and its previous inhabitants.

Every restoration project attempts to find the historical meaning of the structure and preserve that meaning. A project of this nature is more than simply replacing rotted wood with solid timbers. A restoration is a time machine, reaching hundreds of years into the past and pulling that history into the present day for future generations to enjoy.