New construction


The building of a timber frame structure is a very personal endeavor. Whether it’s a barn, home, small outbuilding or architectural detail, the design and construction will contain elements that reflect the hopes, desires and goals of its owner.

We start by talking to the client, the person or family that will inhabit the home or use the building. We talk about their needs and preferences. How many rooms do they need and what will they be used for? We talk about the flow of a floor plan and how that will work into the client’s day-to-day living pattern. We’ll talk about budgets and how that will affect the project.

We then reach into our knowledge of historical timber frame structures and combine that to create a cost-effective design that is at once both modern and rooted in a history that goes back hundreds of years.

Once the design is completed, we’ll draw up plans and use those to cut frames for the project. These frames, timbers weighing hundreds of pounds, are trucked to the job site where they are assembled on the ground and then raised and fastened together to create a complete structure which can then be finished either by the client, or by our our team of tradespeople, plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters and roofers, if the client has chosen a turnkey solution.